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Orion Ops at MPSF-University


A description of the Orion facilities

The MPSF-Pepperdine Office has an extremely well-developed research and technology division, due to its status as a training facility. However, due to limited storage, as well as the proximity of the nearby Orion Los Angeles operations headquarters, little of the advanced equipment is available for agent operations.

MPSF-Pepperdine has a small intelligence office, but relies mostly on the Orion LA office for major intelligence.

In cooperation with the UCLA Medical Center, there is a well-developed rehabilition program at the University. In addition, Orion maintains a small number of secret experimental medical programs at the University, most having to do with accelerated rehabilitation.

Orion maintains a highly developed agent training facility, much of it disguised as normal University programs, and utilized by many unsuspecting university students. Other, more secret training facilities include underground firing ranges and an assault course in the mountains.

While operational equipment is not stored at the MPSF, there are several Orion-owned facilities in the area that house some of the advanced equipment the University uses for training purposes.

Finally, Orion owns a number of luxury homes and campus housing in Malibu, which it uses for visiting agents, patients, and trainees.

Inside Tips & Rumors: Word has it that the National Office is sometimes a little nervous about the MPSF, since virtually all Orion technology can be found on the base, the debriefing that occurs on the base must result in incredible intelligence of Orion ops by the MPSF directors, and the MPSF security is so tight that even the National Office has no clue what goes on there, sometimes. However, agents who come out of the office swear by the training, and hey, it's a great place to sneak off for an "inspection visit."


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Orion projects on-site

Orion has an academic skills division, a physical skills division, and a physical training department at the Pepperdine campus. Most of the academic skills programs last for one semester (four months). The physical skills division (e.g., non-combat technical skills like surveillance, demolitions, etc.) can last up to a full year. The physical training department (e.g., scuba-diving, horseback, martial arts, etc.) is on-going and can be tailored to the agents' schedule (Note: the physical training department conducts most of its training at the Zuma Beach facility).

Agents involved in the programs are assigned status as students or visiting faculty.

Inside Tips & Rumors: Another rumor that has been floating around since the dawn of time is that agents seem oddly different after visiting the MPSF. Of course, that might just be the deep tans...


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Key personnel

The Board of Directors at Pepperdine is mostly composed of high-level Orion operatives who control the West Coast agent support programs. These directors coordinate weapon supply, training, and rehabilitation for most of the Orion National Office operations in eastern Asia and western North America. The exact identies of the agent/Directors are kept secret, due to the extremely in-depth knowledge of Orion operations all of the Directors possess.

Available staff bios: Jenn Keller (chief of physical training division); Susan Chosen (chief of physical skills division); Phil Strick (director of academic skills division).

Current residents of MPSF: Agent Nina Forge (rehabilitating from gunshot wounds suffered in [undisclosed]); Agent Geoff Rand (recently assigned as surveillance trainer); Agent Kelly Krye (recent graduate of Orion training school, awaiting assignment); Director Henry Slaw (visiting from [undisclosed] office on recreational leave); Agent Isaac Enright (rehabilitating from exposure damage suffered in [undisclosed]); Agent Amy Jack (visiting from [undisclosed] office on recreational leave).

Additional personnel are expected to be assigned to the MPSF within the month. [If you would like information on being one of those personnel, please write the MPSF office with a brief resume.]

Inside Tips & Rumors: Rumors abound about the Directors and the section heads at the MPSF, probably due to the tight security and the fact that they had be SOMETHING extraordinary to get such a sweet assignment as the Malibu facility. One rumor about Susan Chosen, the physical skills chief, is that she was "retired" to MPSF because she cracked while assigned overseas and did some awful damage (apparently not to Orion). Another rumor, picking on Physical Training Chief Jenn Keller, a one-time Hollywood actress, is that she earned her position while horizontal with a few higher-ups in Orion. However, most agents who have met her agree that this rumor has to be false: if she was willing to get horizontal, she could be running Orion by now. MPSF locals point out that actually, Chief Keller has never been known to date anyone, for reasons she keeps to herself (one rumor links her singleness to her religious beliefs, leading to a number of quick conversions at the facility).


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