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Malibu Campus Map











 1.  Information Booth
 2.  Phillips Theme Tower
 3.  Charles B. Thornton 
     Administrative Center
 4.  Pendleton Computer 
     Science Center
 5.  Huntsinger Academic Center
     Fletcher Jones Foundation
     Academic Computing Center
     Payson Library
     Pendleton Learning Center
 6.  Fouch Amphitheater
 7.  Stauffer Chapel
 8.  Tyler Campus Center
     The Oasis
 9.  Adamson Plaza
     Joslyn Plaza
     Scaife Terrace and Bridge
 10. Stauffer Greenhouse
 11. Rockwell Academic Center
 12. Appleby American 
     Studies Center
 13. George Elkins Auditorium
 14. Cultural Arts Center
 15. Ahmanson Fine Arts Center
     The Founder's Building
     Smothers Theatre
     Music Building
     Lindhurst Theatre
     Raitt Recital Hall
     Frederick R. Weisman
     Museum of Art
 16. Canfield Reception Center
 17. Seaver College Housing
 18. Alumni Park
 19. Crest Tennis Courts
 20. Helen Field Heritage Hall
 21. Firestone Fieldhouse
 22. Raleigh Runnels Memorial Pool
 23. Ralphs-Straus Tennis Pavilion
 24. Intramural Field
 25. Eddy D. Field Baseball Stadium
 26. Stotsenberg Track and Field
 27. Student Health Center
 28. Student Counseling and Testing Center
 29. Art Building
 30. Central Plant Operations
 31. Equestrian Center
 32. Odell McConnell Law Center
 33. George C. Page Residential Complex
 34. Baxter Drive Homes
 35. School of Business and Management Center
 36. Public Safety
 37. Communication Division
     Stauffer Telecommunications Center
 38. Tiner Court Homes
 39. Wilma Day Mallmann House
 40. Brock House