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Lyle Rutter, the lead vehicle trainer himself, is waiting patiently in the co-pilot's chair of a big, mean-looking Blackhawk helicopter.

Training session rules: (these rules will remain open during the session so you can refer back to them.)

This session is part of a set of sessions that act out the Top Secret/S.I. character generation process. This session is the culmination of the Helicopter Skill (beta testers: assume your Helicopter skill level is at 60 at the beginning of the session).

You are being pursued by an attack helicopter and are trying to escape. Whether you do or not is immaterial. The object of this session is to survive 12 turns (i.e., one skill roll=one turn). When time is up, the skill instructor will evaluate your performance. KEEP TRACK OF HOW MANY TURNS YOU HAVE BEEN PLAYING.

Each turn, you will be presented the choice of making a very difficult maneuver, a difficult maneuver, or an easy maneuver. Choose the maneuver and then roll the designated skill check. (If you don't have two ten-sided dice, use a large book and flip to random pages. Use last two digits of the page numbers as your die rolls.) If you complete a very difficult maneuver, you get 7 points, a difficult maneuver is 3 points, and an easy maneuver is 1 point. KEEP TRACK OF HOW MANY POINTS YOU HAVE COLLECTED. After you have passed the check and marked your score, click on one of the "pass" links for your next maneuver.

If you fail a check, click on the "fail" link for whatever type of maneuver you were trying (e.g., difficult, etc.). You will have to roll on a "crash table." Don't forget to deduct the negative score marked for whatever result you roll on the Crash Table. KEEP TRACK OF HOW MANY TIMES YOU'VE HAD TO GO TO THE CRASH TABLE: YOU CAN SUBTRACT 3 FROM YOUR ROLL THE FIRST TIME YOU ROLL ON THE CRASH TABLE. FOR EACH ROLL AFTER THAT, YOU CAN ONLY SUBTRACT ONE LESS UNTIL YOU ARE AT ZERO. For example, if you've already failed skill rolls twice, then the third time you have to roll on the Crash Table, you only get to subtract one from your roll.

For the purposes of beta-testing:

Lucky Breaks have no effect on action outcomes. However, if you do roll a 01-04, you can add 5 to your score. If you roll 00, you can add 10 to your score.

Bad Breaks also have no outcome on action outcomes, with the exception of a 99. If you roll a 99, go directly to a crash table and perform the worst outcome. The session will be over. Try again! Also, a 95-98 means you have to subtract 5 from your score.

SO: remember to keep track of your OVERALL SCORE, THE TURN NUMBER, and the number of times you've reached the CRASH TABLE.

Remember when you close the training window to use the link below and REPORT if it was too easy, too hard, etc.


CLICK HERE WHEN SICK TO DEATH OF THE STUPID THING (this will take you to a form that you can report your experiences on. If you also want to send me e-mail, write here.)