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There are four frames, one for recording damage (i.e., fill in the boxes on drawing), one for keeping track of combat (i.e., dice roller, ammo tracker, inventory note pad), one for taking notes during gameplay (e.g., codes, etc.), and one for making your final report. Especially for those of you at 800X600 or less, you are going to have to resize the frames as you play, depending on which frame you need at the time. For example, I suggest you narrow the Final Report Form down to a sliver until you are ready to submit for the last time.

REMEMBER: none of what you write on the GamePlay page is saved while you play! The only thing that will be saved is what you report on the Final Report Form, and that only when you fill it out and press SEND, at the end of the game. If you like, you can download the GamePlay page here and and use it off-line in case your browser crashes or net connection goes down (however, make sure you are signed onto the net before pressing SEND if you do it this way.

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