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Dear Wizards of the Coast,

I heard about your recent exchange of e-mail with Pierre Grandmont in regards to reviving the Top Secret/SI espionage role-playing game. I would like to add my support and that of my website visitors. Put together a few more books at least, or even better, a revised game set, perhaps with some of the rule enhancements we’ve posted on the net!

Below is a list of currently active (i.e., updated in the last month or two, sometimes daily!) websites dealing with Top Secret/SI...

TSSI Environments:

Realms of the Imagination:

Modus Operandi:

Orion HQ Excite! community:

Top Secret RPG Resources:

The Orphanage:

Ivanhoes’ Lair of Espionage:

The Top Secret/S.I. Webring:;list



Bring our game back!

If you absolutely cannot, we’d love to hear some way you could support us, at least (such as: 1) granting us license to post the rules, so we can start teaching some new players online...; 2) re-issuing some of the old books that have become hard to find; or 3) giving us some old development materials, something to spruce up our sites with). I realize there are some legal issues here (I am a law student at Pepperdine, specializing in intellectual property) but keeping such a great game locked down is really a bummer for us all!



TSSI Environments


P.S. I also invite you to attend the weekly Top Secret/S.I. chat session at the Excite community (Orion HQ link above): Fridays at noon, PST.


>From: Custserv <>
>To: <>
>Subject: Re: Question about Top Secret SI
>Date: Monday, July 19, 1999 4:15 PM

> writes:
>>Hello there. I've been playing TSR's Top Secret SI version now for over ten
>>years. I heard that TSR has discontinued this game of the line of RPG's
>>that they created, and I was just wondering if Wizards of the Coast will be
>>picking this game up, or reviving it in some fashion.
>>Me and my players play Top Secret SI religiously, every saturday and
>>sunday. Any feedback would be welcome news! :)
>>Pierre Grandmont
>Sorry, at this time there are no plans to revive Top Secret. I'll pass along
>your vote of confidence for the game, though.

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