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There are three types of Environments: (t)raining, (a)ction, and (l)ocation. (See letter before each name in list on left)

"But what the heck is Top Secret/S.I.?"

Top Secret/S.I. is a really great roleplaying system designed by TSR. The mechanics are pretty easy to master, but the game is really dynamic and allows fast, realistic roleplay of everything from science fiction to fantasy to--ironically enough--espionage, which the system was originally designed for. For some odd reason, TSR discontinued the system in the early 90s. But it's coming back on the net!!!

Actually, there is a site on the net that already has most of the Top Secret/S.I. rules posted. This site may have to come down sooner or later due to a lawsuit or something, but until then...


JULY 27-SEPT. 26


The following environments are ACTIVE (e.g., mission-ready or mission in progress).

90263072299: Pepperdine University: Orion Malibu

90263072299: Zuma Beach: Orion Training Center

90265081499: "Air Shot" (Blackhawk helicopter training sequence)

The following environments are INACTIVE (but still accessible, if underlined).

60001072399: Orion Taiwan Branch Office (started).

02138: Office building (not started).

24502: Warehouse (1/2 done, but not uploaded yet).

03082: Road chase (9/10s finished, open to beta-testers only).

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