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What's New?

The following is a list of the major changes to this web over the last month, with the most recent changes shown first:

Added the links page (and a fabulous java jpeg for the Webring links).
Added the little tutorial/template for people wanting to write their own branch offices.
Wrote about a third of the law school at Pepperdine.
Wrote the second floor for the main Pepperdine building, finishing the public access levels.
Finished the offices for new agents to have when they join.
Finished the office descriptions for Zuma Beach, worked a little on the Pepperdine environment.
Due to a lot of people visiting and not figuring out where the good stuff is (the Environments), I've added some more links from the Master page and finished the office descriptions for the University Center.
Wrote the first floor of the University Admin building [visit that environment].
Malibu Personnel Support Facility is about a quarter done, since the law school/dorms won't be completed until a mission uses them.
Added the TSSI/Westminster font link to the Master page.
Posted a "National Office Advisory" about independent regional offices, and started an Advisory Archive.
Added the hardware/Internet connection fields to the Debrief page.
Wrote a couple more pages for the Pepperdine environment.
Began to-do list in anticipation of no updates for the next several days (crunch time at school/work).
Added Webring stuff to bottom of Master page.
Wrote a quick walk-through for the Pepperdine University environment. Basic PU environment is now half-finished.
Published site for the first time. Thanks, ERIC_NY, for testing the installation.
Added some submission instructions to Master Page.
Began FAQ list, in anticipation of FAQs. Doesn't seem ethical to do it in this order, somehow.
Started work on Zuma Beach, although the University Center will be top priority this weekend.
Created site for Orion Taiwan environment, in contemplation of TSSI Environment's first event, "Nobody Loves Me".
Added Carrie to the Master page.
Created this What's New page.

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