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I am alive, and I'm about 50% finished the new site... Just getting through mid-terms...

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c     o      m      i     n      g          s      o     o      n . . .


Today the first postings for the revamped site went up. They aren't linked to this page yet because I hate "under construction" signs, but here's the scoop: there are seven sections, one for each of Missions (playable online), Scenarios (about a dozen ideas for missions in the WEB theme), Characters (full bios on all major WEB operaters), Rules (some form of the "fastplay" rules being worked on by the 'ring), Links/Reviews (descriptions and reviews of the prominent TS/SI sites on the net), and Tools (a ton of the best shareware and freeware for building good fan websites, including scripts and Java you can copy and paste into your own site). There will be no separate news page. That will become the sole function of this site, while the finished WEB product will move to I'm hoping to give you gamers the cool graphics and missions at one site, and give those of you just interested in following the Top Secret/SI news saga your own easy access... Just so you know why the updates are so slow right now!! School is killer this semester, and I'm working full-time on the new site... Contact me with any feedback!


Believe it or not, another new transition is on the way in for the WEB. For those of you more observant about the general theme of this site, the final knot in reality is about to be undone in ... the WEB. Expect the first major update and scenario within a week or less.

Operative Grimm seems to have the real current intelligence these days. Are a conversion and writeup of the TS/SI rules finally underway?


More stray details cleaned from the sites: thanks to those of you who have made comments.

The Blackhawk training module is back up in the training section as a link. It will undergo some final conversions before being fully adopted as a WEB module, but I wanted to make something available to people coming here to the Core wanting to play...

I received an e-mail from the ODP project at DMOZ. They've created a new category for Top Secret/SI. TSSI Environments got a slew of hits through DMOZ; I highly recommend going to the Top Secret/SI category and submitting your site link.


Opposition Trojan Horses crashed part of our latest site improvements, and we did not find out until this afternoon. The old site, new intelligence, and links sections should be up for real, now.


Communications have been established with other sites; they can be reached through the "Establish Communications" link. Within the week, we will begin intelligence assessments of the other locations. If you wish to have your site included in the Communications section, contact me.

The "Enter Facility" link will be adapted next, and will allow a combat-intensive walk-through of WEB's recently captured base in southern California. More news and a timeline will be published soon.

For operatives not currently participating in the Top Secret Mailing List, the back messages will soon be archived here. Join now, or be assimilated later.


WEBsite up. The opposition has suffered a major setback with our takeover of the TSSI Environments site. Our world domination will soon be complete.

Operative Grimm has initiated a mailing list discussing Top Secret/SI-related design issues. Intercepted mailings seem to discuss rule updates including magic powers for NPCs and PCs. To get information on the mailing list, go here:

Some further rumors have surfaced about Hasbro's takeover of Wizards of the Coast. An article mentioned that several of TSR's old franchises may be developed into movies (Top Secret was not one of the ones mentioned, but you never know...).