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Orion Ops at MPSF-Zuma Beach


A description of the Orion facilities

MPSF-Zuma Beach has a small operations room, used for running training exercises such as beach landings and helicopter-to-water actions. There is also a small armory located in the secret underground complex. In the garages, boat houses, and hangers, Orion has crammed in a considerable array of vehicles, most painted to look like lifeguard vehicles but capable of being quickly disguised.

In the underground and private athletic facilities, MPSF-Zuma Beach has one of the most extensive arrays of physical training equipment in the world. In addition to agents just getting into operational physical readiness, a number of agents commute from Pepperdine University for physical rehabilitation.

The MPSF-Zuma Beach Office has no research facilities, intelligence office, or dedicated medical facilities, these all being available at the University campus.

While operational equipment is not stored at the MPSF, there are several Orion-owned facilities in the area that house some of the advanced equipment the University uses for training purposes.

At the nearby, privately-owned Trancas Beach, famous for its population of movie stars, Orion owns a number of luxury homes for use by visiting agents and dignitaries.

Inside Tips & Rumors: Word has it that the MPSF is working on some sort of underground tunnel to link the University and beach, to allow non-suspicious night access to the Zuma Beach facility. Nobody knows if the eight-mile tunnel is actually being built or not. Seems like a lot of cash just for a private road; how could MPSF afford it?


Orion projects on-site

The MPSF Physical Training Department conducts most of its training at the Zuma Beach facility. The daily routine is similar to an Olympic training center . . . a couple months before the Olympics.

Agents involved in the programs are assigned status as students or visiting faculty.

Inside Tips & Rumors: About five years ago, several trainers were "reassigned" after a trainee died in training. Stories have surfaced since then that numbers of other trainees have been killed or severely injured during the intense physical training and fitness programs at the quiet, Malibu beach.


Key personnel

The staff at Zuma Beach is entirely Orion agents or administration officers; the facility has been deemed too small to disguise covert operations from civilian employees. The staff rotates on a four-month schedule, while Jenn Keller, chief of the MPSF Physical Training Division, is the permanent ranking officer.

Available staff bios: Jenn Keller (chief of MPSF physical training division); Susan Chosen (chief of MPSF physical skills division); Agent Tracy "OK" Kaye (facility coordinator/head lifeguard); Agent Michael Duce (combat instructor); Agent Lyle Rutter (vehicle specialist).

Current residents of MPSF: Agent Nina Forge (rehabilitating from gunshot wounds suffered in [undisclosed]); Agent Kelly Krye (recent graduate of Orion-Pepperdine training school, awaiting assignment); Director Henry Slaw (visiting from [undisclosed] office on recreational leave); Agent Isaac Enright (rehabilitating from exposure damage suffered in [undisclosed]); Agent Amy Jack (visiting from [undisclosed] office on recreational leave).

Additional personnel are expected to be assigned to the MPSF within the month. [If you would like information on being one of those personnel, please write the MPSF office with a brief agent resume.]

Inside Tips & Rumors: In keeping with the stories about dead trainees, there are other stories about some of the sadistic tendencies of the trainers at the MPSF-Zuma Beach facility. Most likely, the stories were started by agents flunked from the program; nevertheless, the word among Orion agents is that a graduate of the full MPSF fitness program can survive more than the WEB would ever dare pull . . .


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