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Welcome to Zuma Beach.

Zuma Beach has been called one of the best beaches in California, due to its clean sand, relative privacy, access to the even more private Westward and Trancas beaches, and efficient beach staff.

Zuma Beach is two miles long and a hundred yards wide. The southern end of the beach is widest, and dozens of volleyball courts line the access road here. There are a number of other athletic facilities around the beach, but most are available only to private members. In the central building, a two-story structure with attached garages/boat houses and a barb-wire fence, the orange vehicles and offices of the large and well-organized lifeguard staff quietly do their duty. While Baywatch is usually filmed several miles down the road from Zuma, a number of the show's episodes, as well as other TV shows, are filmed regularly on the beach. At any given time, three boats, two helicopters, and four trucks can be seen roaming the beach area.

In addition, out of the public eye, Zuma Beach acts as a secondary training facility for the Malibu Personnel Support Facility. Using a small, super-secret underground complex and the "private" athletics facilities, Zuma Beach trains dozens of agents every month in everything from basic fitness to jujitsu to underwater demolitions.

Check out the map or read more about Orion operations at this site; or go directly to Zuma Beach at its Environment (click icon below).

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