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National Office Advisory

"Orion Regional Office Policy"

July 27, 1999 -- For the sake of giving Offices an idea of what their relationship with each other should be, TSSI Environments is implementing the following system:

"TSSI clan system

Each regional office acts independently of the others, if there are no overriding National Office orders. The offices have their own department heads and support facilities. Only major intelligence and large-scale equipment are shared between Offices, through the National Office.

Often, separate offices will find themselves working on the same assignment from different angles. The National Office has decided that the occasional confusion or conflict is a necessary evil. The redundancy of having multiple offices working on an assignment is a major plus. Also, mission security is greatly benefited by not running National Office-level missions, just handing the basic assignments to Office Heads and letting them each handle their own investigation in their own way.

The Upshot: Offices need to be careful to identify other agents before taking action against them. Also, office reputation and support from the National Office, sad to say, is often based on mission success; competition between regional offices is highly likely!"

Be aware: TSSI Environments is a neutral playing ground and does not support or represent the National Office. All of the Regional Offices on TSSI Environments are equally supported and their operations are completely confidential.

For more information, contact the National Office.



This National Office Advisory has been read by Hit Counter Agents.

The National Office is currently located in Los Angeles, California. The identity of the current Orion head is Omega 7 information for non-National Office Personnel.

For Further Information Contact:

National Office, Regional Office Affairs
Orion HQ Los Angeles
URL: ...Environment coming soon...