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There are three types of Environments: (t)raining, (a)ction, and (l)ocation. (See letter before each name in list on left)

News & Gossip:

Aug. 27, 1999

Two big bits of news:

One, inspired by Valkyrja Klydesdale (Realms of the Imagination), I wrote Wizards of the Coast and pled the case for Top Secret/S.I. Read the e-mail here. I'll post any reply I get.

Two, as you may have noticed, I have a new Java applet running on this page. I will be rotating up a new one every couple of days, keeping a theme of Top Secret/S.I.  Today's flying simulation is to celebrate the posting of "Air Shot," the Blackhawk chopper training simulation. I am collecting all my Java applets into a file that I will make available as soon as it's ready, so you can all use Java on your sites. PLEASE report bugs on this quick form. I don't want to give away buggy applets! (Much thanks to Fabio of Anfy for the base applets). Click here to see all the applets used so far...

Aug. 26, 1999

new.gif (105 bytes)Air Shot is open to the public FOR BETA TESTING. Be sure to comment on your experience on the form: too hard? too quick? etc. You'll need ten-sided dice or a book of at least 500 pages to play.

As soon as I get hosted and I finish the last two Stage One environments, I will revise the front page to show off and explain the environments. Keep checking this site out!

Aug. 25, 1999

Well, I found Top Secret RPG Resources. Moved to AOL. Check it out. Nice to see 'em again.

Aug. 24, 1999

Well, as promised, the first week of school is chewing up time. I'll catch up this weekend! Expect to see two more locations up by Sunday night.

Air Shot will be finished by Sunday night, and all of you Top Secret/S.I.-starved ex-addicts can try your hand at flying a Blackhawk in a 200 m.p.h. chase in the coastal mountains of Santa Monica!

Klydesdale (Realms of the Imagination) e-mailed Wizards of the Coast (the big fish that swallowed TSR) and asked them when they were going to dust off Top Secret/S.I. Wizards said we're on our own. HA. Right up until we get sued. (Klydesdale also credits me with inspiring his new News page. <blush> Check it out.)

The Orphanage, famous final abode for RPGs so good they had to be discontinued, seems to be losing the bug battle. The Top Secret section is just a root directory. I can't seem to get through on the Contact form, either. If anybody knows the webmaster's e-mail, let him know!! We can't afford to lose another Top Secret/S.I. site (Top Secret RPG Resources being the first, a couple weeks ago.)

Aug. 23, 1999

Wow, talk about embarrassing: I was at a job interview and my interviewer was looking at this website; we found a crossed link that made people trying to get into Pepperdine end up at Zuma Beach!! Ouch. I just fixed it. Sorry about that, all. (I still got the job, though.)

Aug. 20, 1999

Calling all beta testers! 90265, "Air Shot," a helicopter training mission and combat simulator, will be going up this weekend. I don't want to post it for the public until I'm sure the crash tables and difficulty settings are right. I will give the code to get to it to anyone who promises to tell me what they thought; I don't want people just buzzing in and out without giving any feedback on it. E-mail me to get the code.

Aug. 19, 1999

Put the finishing touches on the new front page today. After it's posted and you've seen it, feel free to shortcut here.

I'm planning on adding a slew of Java effects to the site, so if you have a beef with that, use this form now.

Links on this page may be a little loopy in terms of what frame/page they open in, for a few days. I had to do some horrible things to get the old Java clip above to work when published.

Aug. 18, 1999

From the ashes! After having this site completely deleted from the web for almost a day, I'm republished. I used the time off-line to design a new front page, which I'm troubleshooting now.

Sorry, to those of you who visited yesterday and got a root directory ... it will never ever ever happen again. Heh.

Top Secret (RPG) Resources ( is still down. I'm trying to get a hold of the webmasters over there to see if I can post a mirror of that site...

Aug. 16, 1999

Okay, with some workable environments, my gameplay page about to go up (with online combat tools and character sheets), the first adventure in the works, and my instruction pages on how to use this site soon to be posted, I think it's about time I put up a nice gateway page and started gunning for search engines. I'm averaging four or more hits (from different people) every day, but I need to get up to 50 a week to be hosted by somebody.

Aug. 15, 1999

new.gif (105 bytes)AAAAIIIIEEEEEEE!!!!!!! PEPPERDINE IS ACTIVE. Explore, check it out, imagine the fun we're going to have there during "Nobody Loves Me".... (click on link in the Environments frame).

...And post any bugs on this form or to the webmaster.

Zuma Beach will go up next, then a few "solitaire location" environments you can play through like a mini-mission. As soon as the MPSF is done, we'll have a house-warming party here at the site. Be sure to come by in a couple days.

Just for the record: Pepperdine is 146 pages. Including the pages for Zuma Beach, the Malibu Personnel Support Facility should be about 170 pages of HTML.

new.gif (105 bytes)LATER: the public areas for the ZUMA BEACH environment are active, too. Training classes at Zuma Beach will begin in two weeks; sign up here.

In the next day or two, this Master page should change some as I post directions on "What Is An Environment?" and "How Do I Join An Office?"


JULY 27-AUG 14

The following environments are ACTIVE (e.g., mission-ready or mission in progress).

90263072299: Pepperdine is finished

90263072299: Zuma Beach is finished

90265081499: Air Shot (Blackhawk helicopter training sequence is finished).

The following environments are INACTIVE (but still accessible, if underlined).

60001072399: Orion Taiwan Branch Office (started).

02138: Office building (not started).

24502: Warehouse (1/2 done, but not uploaded yet).

03082: Road chase (9/10s finished, but not uploaded yet).

Download the TSSI Font here.

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